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They devour like tomorrow will never come

Wining and dining with fellow debauch

With guns and cigars flaming

Billowing smoke like industry chimneys

Their beetroot eyes,

A sign of forgotten remorse

Shortchanged yet again we are

The promised land no longer within sight

Tongues of deceit, emptier promises,

a rule of the day

My ballot paper played the key role

to the mystery I witness

All dossiers of under dealings

My yet to be servant ever implicated

Hallways of the courts is ever present

Fighting to purge himself from putrefaction

His tainted construct a bitter pill to the subjects

To him, a merchandise of his trade

Time is soon fading

We await the new rules of the game

The new rules of deception to the gullible citizenry

Where all the county-folk have scenes to act

in their script

We are again bought with soul and body

And with our might we shall moil and toil

at their mercy

When at the tail end the valet sweeps to victory

Stand tall and unite for time is up

unite against the frailty of perversion

and transgression

For the merger will culminate into our emancipation

from “their” grip.


Mean looking they swing in settees,

With hawkeyes they peak,

Ravenously in the name of service and justice,

Preference to death but subversion elevated.

Dirty cash exchange hands,

As kickbacks of under dealings.

Like scammers and muggers,

They bend the LAW.

The law they swore to defend with might.

Protecting the powerbrokers,

Like a pawnbroker to his cent.

Grime and soiled they tarnish the system

Like a sewer line their stench is putrid

No institution is spared, not even one

Shall we wake up and rise above?

For the state of the continent is under siege.

The heavens are staring,

Watching bitterly with teary eyes.

But one day it will reveal,

Since it bears undisputed evidence.

It will unmask and unearth the ghosts,

That cripples the rising continent.

Mother continent,

We stand to emancipate you,

Deliver you from the shackles,

Shackles of darkness and unending darkness.

The wind of change is blowing strong,

Sweeping putrescence to the seas.

Arise mother…Arise…!

The sons are heavily armored,

With crutches to make walk again,

Defend you all through the paths and see the dawn…

For a new dawn is here…